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Company Name: Kimura Co., Ltd. Japan

Type of Business: Wholesale
Type of Products: Health Tea

Exhibition Product A Beppu Hatto Health Tea
Beppu Hatto Health Tea
Beppu Hatto Health Tea
Material(s) Individual Orders
Adlay, oolong tea, oriental senna, ukogi, box thorn, malt, alfalfa, kombu tangle, and vitamin C Negotiable
Variations Availability of Samples
340g 24 cans/case Negotiable
Price Availability of Catalogues
Retail price 115 yen, negotiable Negotiable
Conditions of Price
Japanese retail price
Selling Point(s)
This health tea, "Beppu Hatto," is a blend of eight different ingredients and it is low in caffeine and tannin. It is a taste that is appreciated by people of all ages. Enjoy the flavor and enjoy good health.

Business Profile

Kimura Co., Ltd. is a wholesaler of frozen shrimps, prowns and other frozen foodstuffs. With a motto of "gourmet information," we provide delicacies from around the world to roughly 500 firms, including hotels, restaurants, sushi bars, and pubs .
We put "Beppu Hatto" oolong tea on sale in 1994 to help Beppu's vitalization. We are a member of a Beppu redevelopment group called "Beppu Dream" and participate in various community-vitalizing activities.

Business Summary
Year Established June 1987
Capital JP 10,000,000 Yen
Annual Sales JP 4,000,000,000 Yen
Number of Employees 38 (including part time workers)
Number of Factories 1
Name of Bank Oita Bank Kannawa branch
Company President(CEO) Susumu Kato

Contact Details
Address 3-3 Baba, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture JAPAN
Telephone Number +81-977-26-2345
FAX Number +81-977-26-1742
E-mail Address susumu-k@oec-net.or.jp

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