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Company Name: CLIO FOODS Japan

Type of Business: Manufacturing, wholesale, and retail
Type of Products: Haru ukon powder (Turmeric powder), Haru ukon granules (Turmeric powder granules), Haru ukon bath salts
Preferred Countries / region: China, Korea, Taiwan, North Korea

Exhibition Product A Oita Haru ukon (spring turmeric)
Oita Haru ukon (spring turmeric)
Oita Haru ukon (spring turmeric)
Material(s) Individual Orders
Spring turmeric (Due to less effectiveness of Summer turmeric) Accepted
Variations Availability of Samples
Powder, granules,
bath salts
Price Availability of Catalogues
Negotiable Negotiable
Selling Point(s)
Comes from the country of origin; India. It is a health food product good for longevity and prevention of internal diseases. Our spring turmerics are products of farmers in Mie town, Oita, carefully cultivated and selected.

Business Profile

Our "Haru ukon (Spring turmeric)" is effective in improving the health and longevity of the elderly and in preventing senile dementia. It also helps to prevent internal diseases of the middle-aged and elderly as well as maintaining good functioning of the internal organs.
We have contracts with specialized farmers in Mie town, Oita, to offer the best quality 100% Haru ukon to our customers at reasonable prices.

Business Summary
Year Established 1991
Capital JP 3,000,000 Yen
Annual Sales JP 60,000,000 Yen
Number of Employees 3
Number of Factories 1
Name of Bank Oita Bank
Company President(CEO) Masaharu Yamada

Contact Details
Project Manager Masaharu Yamada
Address 1903-1, Nakanohara, Kanzaki, Saganoseki machi, Kita amabe-gun, Oita prefecture JAPAN
Telephone Number +81-97-576-0248(Main factory),+81-97-527-4148(Oita office)
FAX Number +81-97-522-0644(Oita office)

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