Oita Virtual International Trade Show

Company Name: Hiji High-tech Co.,Ltd. Japan

Type of Business: Manufacturing, and others

Exhibition Product A FM teletext broadcasting tuner
FM teletext broadcasting tuner
FM teletext broadcasting tuner
Variations Trading Terms and Conditions
Corresponds to TOKYO FM's PAPARA G-COM FOB
Price Terms of Payment
Negotiable T/T
Minimum Quantity Individual Orders
1 Not Accepted
Availability of Samples
Yes (charge applies)
Availability of Catalogues
Yes (free of charge)
Selling Point(s)
We offer tuners that receive FM teletext broadcasting and applied display units.

Exhibition Product B IC Bonder N-EFO
Variations Individual Orders
Compatible with interface of ABACOS III made by Texas Instruments Ltd. (can correspond to products by other companies, too.) Not Accepted
Price Availability of Samples
Negotiable Yes (charge applies)
Conditions of Price Availability of Catalogues
Japanese Retail Price Yes (free of charge)
Minimum Quantity
Selling Point(s)
Makes it possible to connect gold wire to an IC chip with a stable small ball of gold wire.

Business Profile

Established in July, 1986 with investment from Hiji-machi, Oita Bank and Howa Bank in order to train engineers who can develop, design, and evaluate IC products. It is an integrated development company of a joint venture of local government and private businesses which mainly deals with circuit design of IC, and is drawing attention nationwide as an example of a self-governing body in the high technology industry.

Business Summary
Year Established July 1, 1986
Capital JP 161,500,000 Yen
Annual Sales JP 2,300,000,000 Yen (1998 accounting period)
Number of Employees 264
Name of Bank Oita Bank Hiji branch, Howa Bank Hiji branch
Company President(CEO) Korenori Honda
Experience in Overseas
Country: USA
Detail: Development of application software program for communication equipment

Contact Details
Project Manager Takashi Sonoda (Administration office)
Address 8133 Oga, Hiji-machi Hayami-gun, Oita Prefecture, Japan
Telephone Number +81-977-44-6300
FAX Number +81-977-72-1664
E-mail Address sonoda@hht.co.jp
Web-site Address http://www.hht.co.jp/

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