Oita Virtual International Trade Show

Company Name: Mukai Tanezo Shoten Co. Japan

Type of Business: Wholesale
Type of Products: Bamboo products, and folk-art articles
Preferred Countries / region: North America and Europe

Exhibition Product A Flower Vase
Flower Vase
Flower Vase
Material(s) Trading Terms and Conditions
Bamboo Ex-factory
Variations Terms of Payment
Size: 7x19x4 cm Advance payment
Price Shipment Due
Negotiable Within a week
Conditions of Price Individual Orders
Ex-factory Not accepted
Minimum Quantity Availability of Samples
one small box Not available
Availability of Catalogues
Available (charged)
Selling Point(s)
This Japanese-style bamboo flower vase enhances the beauty of flowers.

Exhibition Product B Shopping Baskets in pair
Shopping Baskets in pair
Shopping Baskets in pair
Variations Terms of Payment
Large: 19x38x24 cm
Small: 16x35x22 cm
Advance payment
Price Individual Orders
Negotiable Not accepted
Conditions of Price Availability of Samples
Ex-factory Not available
Availability of Catalogues
Available (charged)
Selling Point(s)
This woven bamboo basket is made of natural material so is environmentally friendly. Its retro design matches modern tastes.

Exhibition Product C Cat-figurine "Manekineko"
Cat-figurine "Manekineko"
Cat-figurine "Manekineko"
Material(s) Terms of Payment
Bamboo sheaves Advance payment
Variations Individual Orders
4 sizes avilable Not accepted
Price Availability of Samples
Negotiable Not available
Conditions of Price Availability of Catalogues
Ex-factory Available (charged)
Selling Point(s)
This cat figurine, which is believed to bring good luck in Japan, is made from bamboo sheaves.
This folk-craft using natural materials will be a good interior decoration.

Business Profile

We have more than 1,200 kinds of merchandise, and they range greatly from traditional Japanese toys and kitchenware to health-care goods and gardening tools and flower stands. The following are some examples. Please refer to our catalogues for more extensive listings. Toys: bamboo water guns, taketombo (bamboo dragonflies), bamboo tubes, cup-and-balls, tops, games called daruma-otoshi, kaleidoscopes, paper balloons. Kitchenware: bamboo chopsticks, spoons, toothpicks, bamboo rice paddles, coasters, hand towel rests, and plates.

Business Summary
Year Established 1965
Capital JP 10,000,000 Yen
Annual Sales JP 840,000,000 Yen (1998 accounting period)
Number of Employees 17
Name of Bank Oita Bank
Company President(CEO) Katsuhiko Mukai
Experience in Overseas
Country: USA and Germany through trading companies in Japan

Contact Details
Project Manager Katsuhiko Mukai
Address 3-3, Shoen-cho, Beppu, Oita prefecture JAPAN
Telephone Number +81-977-25-1611
FAX Number +81-977-25-1613

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