Oita Virtual International Trade Show

Company Name: Oita Isson-Ippin Co., Ltd. Japan

Type of Business: Wholesale
Type of Products: Food and folkcrafts

Exhibition Product A Dried Mushrooms
Dried Mushrooms
Dried Mushrooms
Material(s) Trading Terms and Conditions
Shiitake mushrooms Negotiable
Variations Individual Orders
Each type Negotiable
Price Availability of Samples
JP 1,000 to 10,000 Yen Negotiable
Conditions of Price Availability of Catalogues
Japansese retail price Negotiable
Selling Point(s)
Shiitake mushrooms are a specialty of Oita. We are proud to have the largest volume of production and the highest quality throughout Japan. We produce many types for your convenience, including mushrooms for households, businesses, and for use as gifts.

Exhibition Product B Yuzu Pepper
Yuzu Pepper
Yuzu Pepper
Material(s) Trading Terms and Conditions
Yuzu orange (citron) Negotiable
Variations Individual Orders
Green (green pepper), Red (red pepper) Negotiable
Price Availability of Samples
JP 450 Yen Negotiable
Conditions of Price Availability of Catalogues
Japanese retail price Negotiable
Selling Point(s)
We use yuzu citrus fruit cultivated by the Kushino farm in Innai-machi, which is famous for yuzu production. This is a kneaded yuzu pepper that does not use any additional artificial ingredients such as preservatives. You can enjoy yuzu pepper by adding it to miso soup, udon noodles, somen noodles, oden, soups, and other dishes.

Business Profile

The One Village, One Product movement proposed by Oita Governor, Morihiko Hiramatsu, has infiltrated every part of Oita Prefecture and a special product has been created in each area.
Our company was established with investments from 34 different volunteer organizations and individuals from inside and outside of Oita prefecture, with the aim of helping develop markets outside of the prefecture, and to promote produce and seafood produced in Oita among our affluent natural environment. In this way, our company continues to develop local areas to promote specialty regional products as part of the "One Village One Product" movement.

Business Summary
Year Established 1988
Capital JP 120,000,000 Yen
Annual Sales JP 855,780,000 Yen (1998 accounting period)
Number of Employees 14
Number of Factories 0
Name of Bank Oita Bank, others
Company President(CEO) Toru Kozuma
Experience in Overseas
Country: USA
Detail: Export of seaweed products

Contact Details
Project Manager Kuniharu Watanabe, Deputy General Manager of Sales Division
Address Tokiwa-kaikan, 1-2-15, Funai-cho Oita City, Oita Prefecture, Japan
Telephone Number +81-97-534-1211
FAX Number +81-97-534-7208
E-mail Address info@oita-isson-ippin.co.jp.
Web-site Address http://www.oita-isson-ippin.co.jp

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