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Company Name: LINDENBARM CO., LTD. Japan

Type of Business: Wholesale, Retail
Type of Products: Various kinds of Herb Teas

Exhibition Product A Herb Tea
Herb Tea
Herb Tea
Material(s) Trading Terms and Conditions
Organic Herbs Negotiable
Variations Individual Orders
Lemon Grass, Stevia, Rosemary, Lemon Verbena, Thyme (500g each) Possible
Price Availability of Samples
Lemon Grass \5,000 On Consultation
Minimum Quantity Availability of Catalogues
500g Free
Maximum Quantity
Changes depending on the season
Selling Point(s)
The strength of good soil and the use of only organic fertilizers allows us to cultivate organic herbs which, using unique techniques are used to make herb teas.
Although the majority of ordinary herb teas sold are mass produced overseas, our company's herbs are dried immediately after harvesting, resulting in no loss of flavor and beautifully colored herb teas.

Business Profile

The light from the sun and the breeze from the sea combined with the good feeling produced by the smell of herbs allows visitors to experience the soothing feeling of a herb garden - Oga Farm.
Taking in the view of the beautiful coastline and forest of Beppu Bay, organic herbs are healthily growing with the exclusive use of strength of good soil and organic fertilizers in the 66,000m2 garden
Along with herb teas this company sells various herb products at Oga farm which are produced via our unique techniques.

Business Summary
Year Established April 1997
Capital 35,000,000yen
Annual Sales 65,000,000yen (1999 accounting period)
Number of Employees 15
Name of Bank Oita Bank, Oita Mirai Credit Union
Company President(CEO) Takemi Hayashi
Experience in Overseas
Country: Hong Kong
Detail: Herb Tea

Contact Details
Project Manager Manjiro Hayashi
Address 6025-1 Oga, Oaza, Hiji Town, Hayami District, Oita Prefecture
Telephone Number +81-977-73-0012
FAX Number +81-977-73-0045
E-mail Address linden1@fat.coara.or.jp
Web-site Address http://www.coara.or.jp/~ogafarm

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