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Company Name: ISOGAWA Co., Ltd. Japan

Type of Business: Wholesale
Type of Products: Dried Shitake Mushrooms, Black fungus, Mountain vegetable products.

Exhibition Product A Dried Shitake Mushrooms
Dried Shitake Mushrooms
Dried Shitake Mushrooms
Material(s) Trading Terms and Conditions
Manufactured pulpwood, shitake mushrooms (Donko), shitake mushrooms (Koushin). CIF,FOB,Negotiable
Variations Terms of Payment
Many varieties L/C
Price Shipment Due
Negotiable Within one week
Maximum Quantity Individual Orders
15Kg Possible on consultation
Availability of Samples
Available for free
Availability of Catalogues
Available for free
Selling Point(s)
We have been involved in the export of carefully selected, high quality produce all over the world for many years.
We have an abundance of all the different types of produce.
Shipments of requested goods can be promptly dispatched. (Originating from Oita prefecture)
The produce can be packaged on request.

Business Profile

Growers of large volumes of high quality products in the number one producing area of shitake mushrooms. These mushrooms are then sold as wholesale all over Japan.
We have also been directly exporting these products overseas for over 35 years. The quality of the flavor of the products has given them the reputation of the "King of mushrooms". (Oita prefecture - Donko shitake mushrooms)
Established in 1948, the area's quality goods are selected and sent overseas where the brand is playing a leading role in developing trade especially in South-East Asia. We pride ourselves on being a leading enterprise within the Shitake Mushroom industry.

Business Summary
Year Established 1948
Capital JP 20,000,000 Yen
Number of Employees 70
Number of Factories 3
Name of Bank Fuji Bank, Oita Bank
Company President(CEO) Shinjiro Isogawa

Contact Details
Project Manager Tatsuo Isogawa
Address 1-3-24 Tsuruoka-machi, Saiki City, Oita Prefecture
Telephone Number +81-972-22-0651
FAX Number +81-972-23-7349
Web-site Address http://www.isogawacompany.co.jp

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