Oita Virtual International Trade Show


Type of Business: Organization

Group Profile

JETRO Oita trade information center is an information base for anyone who is interested in trading, investment, business overseas. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries about international business. We also have a business library for economic, trading, and investment related information and business enterprise directories of the world. Please visit us.

Group Summary
Year Established 1997(JETRO established in 1958)
Number of Employees 5(JETRO has1,500 people in all)
Company President(CEO) Hitoshi Hasegawa

Contact Details
Project Manager Jun Washizawa
Address Oita International Trade Center Bldg. 3FL.6 Ozai, Oita City, Oita Prefecture 870-0266 Japan
Telephone Number +81-97-592-4081
FAX Number +81-97-592-0499
E-mail Address oit@jetro.go.jp
Web-site Address http://www.jetro.go.jp

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