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Oita Foreign Trade Association Inc. became independent from Oita Exhibition Association in 1961, when Oita Port was founded as one of the main industrial trade ports in Japan. It was then known as Oita Foreign Trade Promotion Association. In 1978, the name was changed to Oita Foreign Trade Association Inc.
We are fostering and encouraging the idea of good business among Association members, who support the development of Oita Port, by giving counseling, advice and lectures relevant to their trade as well as sending groups of inspectors to Southeast Asian countries.
In 1996, we moved to the Oita International Trade Center of Oita Container Terminal in Ozai which is eminent in West Japan as the FAZ (Foreign Access Zone for the promotion of imports) and is being targeted to become a base in Western Kyushu for both soft and hard phases.
Trading counseling is done by special counselors(every Wednesday), and joint counseling is done with the cooperation of Oita bank international department(first Wednesday of every month). Also trade seminars, trading business courses, international business negotiation meetings are available. Information magazine, "Oita Trade & Views", is published (every other month) in cooperation with JETRO (Japan External Trade Organization) Oita trade information center, to dispatch information.
While globalization is progressing, it will become more necessary to have a close relationship with foreign contries. We would like you to visit us and utilize our facilities.

Group Summary
Year Established 1961
Number of Employees 4
Company President(CEO) CEO Chiaki Hikita

Contact Details
Project Manager Deputy Director Risa Ito
Address OITA INTERNATIONAL TRADE CENTER BLDG.4FL.6 Ozai. Oita-City Oita-Prefecture 870-0266 JAPAN
Telephone Number +81-97-592-5932
FAX Number +81-97-593-3338
E-mail Address info@oita-fta.jp

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