Oita Virtual International Trade Show

Group Name: The Oita Prefectural Products Association Japan

Type of Business: Other
Type of Products: Products of Oita prefecture

Group Profile

The Oita Prefectural Products Association, along with Oita Prefectural government, contributes to the fostering and development of local industry by extending the market for Oita's products all over Japan; through exhibitions and sales, trade fairs and mail-order business.
We deal in such Oita goods as processed marine and agricultural products, local specialty cakes, sake and shochu (distilled spirits), and folk art and handicrafts.
It is our pleasure and pride to introduce Oita's Mugi Shochu, a distilled spirit made from barley, which is one of the products of the "One-Village, One-Product" Movement. We are now developing more regional products.

Group Summary
Year Established 1971
Number of Employees 13
Company President(CEO) Jiro Maki

Contact Details
Project Manager Yasuoka Hidemi (head of secretariat)
Address 6-46, Sinminato-machi Beppu City, Oita Prefecture JAPAN
Telephone Number +81-977-23-0201
FAX Number +81-977-23-1350

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