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Company Name: NAKANO MOTORS Co. Japan

Type of Business: Manufacturing, Wholesale, and Retail
Type of Products: Motorcycles, Motorcycle parts and other motorcycle-related products.

Business Profile

Nakano Motors Co. started with the sales of foreign motorcycles and the manufacturing of side cars. It has been the German BMW motorcycles specialty store since 1986 and has started importing from Germany. It has also started importing used BMWs from the United States. The company mainly deals with BMWs up to 1970 models, and also imports/exports some of them to Taiwan. In addition, we are interested in importing and exporting automobile-related products.

Business Summary
Year Established 1971
Name of Bank Fukuoka Bank Hita Branch
Company President(CEO) Fumio Nakano
Experience in Overseas
Country: Germany, USA, U.K., Taiwan
Detail: Motorcycles, Parts

Contact Details
Project Manager Fumio Nakano
Address 3-6 Tajima-Honmachi, Hita City, Oita Prefecture JAPAN
Telephone Number +81-973-22-6663
FAX Number +81-973-22-5178
E-mail Address shop@bmw.gr.jp
Web-site Address http://www.bmw.gr.jp/

Desired Product A Motorcycles
Second-hand/used BMW motorcycles, especially the 1951 to 1976 models.

Price Below 400,000 Yen depending on the conditions

Desired Product B Side Cars
Side cars to attach to the side of motorcycles.

Price Below 500,000 Yen depending on the products

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