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Type of Business: Trading
Type of Products: Fresh cockles, frozen cockles, fresh ark shells, frozen ark shells, fresh short-neck clams (shelled), ark shells, fresh congers, frozen congers (eels), fresh adductor muscles, frozen adductor muscle, frozen shrimps, frozen barracudas (cut open and dried), fresh halfbeaks, fresh spanish mackerels, and other seafood, food made from fish paste, deep-fried fish paste and other processed seafood products.

Business Profile

Marino Corporation deals in seafood. Our products are placed on the seafood wholesale markets throughout Japan. All products, being fresh, frozen or processed, are provided along with a full description. Marino Corporation awaits offers for seasonal and year-round seafood of all kinds.

Business Summary
Year Established July, 1994
Capital JP 3,000,000 Yen
Annual Sales JP 740,000,000 Yen (1999 accounting period)
Number of Employees 12
Name of Bank Oita Bank, Oita Credit Bank
Company President(CEO) Masaharu Shin
Experience in Overseas
Country: Korea
Detail: Products mentioned above (L/C)

Contact Details
Project Manager Masaharu Shin
Address 3-1 Amagase Oita City Oita Prefecture 870-0858 JAPAN
Telephone Number +81-97-543-0282
FAX Number +81-97-543-0347
E-mail Address marino@fat.coara.or.jp

Desired Product A
If you have any information concerning seafood or processed seafood products, we will carefully consider it.

Trading Terms and Conditions CIF
Terms of Payment TT,L/C,(depending upon the circumstances)

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