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Company Name: CAMEL ON MOON Japan

Type of Business: retail
Type of Products: Clothes, miscellaneous goods and furniture from Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America
Preferred Countries / region: Peru, Cuba, Vietnam, and others

Business Profile

We deal with unique ethnic goods from Asia, Africa and South America. The owner of the shop has lived in Los Angeles for nearly ten years and thanks to the connections he has made, we can keep a rich assortment of goods made in South America or Africa, which can satisfy the demand of customers.
This is a unique shop in which the visual effect alone gives pleasure to the customers.

Business Summary
Company President(CEO) Shoko Takatori

Contact Details
Project Manager Shoko Takatori
Address 1-4-19, Chuo-machi, Oita City, Oita Prefecture JAPAN
Telephone Number +81-97-538-3398
FAX Number +81-972-23-7437
E-mail Address camelon@oitaweb.ne.jp
Web-site Address http://www.coara.or.jp/
Overseas Branch/Agency

Desired Product A Ethnic textiles, garments, miscellaneous goods (ornaments, accessories, and others)
Unique handmade clothes, folk costumes, clothes, textiles, accessories, aroma oils, as well as tablewares

Material(s) Natural materials like cotton and silk Trading Terms and Conditions Negotiable

Desired Product B Spices, sauces and other products for Thai and Vietnamese cuisine

Trading Terms and Conditions Negotiable

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