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Company Name: ONOKEN CO., LTD. Japan

Type of Products: Iron and steel products (steel plate, Round and Line steel),construction frame materials (Engineering and construction materials and other)

Business Profile

The company was founded in July, 1926 as an independent hardware store. In August, 1949 the company became established as a corporation, Onokenzaisha, for the purpose of selling cement, hardware, and construction and engineering machine parts. After that, iron and steel merchandise were also sold and in 1957 the name was changed to the present company name- Onoken Co. Also in 1957 a branch was opened in Kokura, Kitakyushu, close to Yahata Steel Corporation (Currently Nippon Steel Corporation). At that time the sale and import of iron and steel merchandise became the primary business concern. From 1983 the company began to take its place nationwide as a leader in the industry for selling and importing iron and steel products. From now, plans are underway for the sale and import of building materials as well.

Business Summary
Year Established July 1926(opened as an individual store) August 1949 Incorporated
Capital JP 2,202,000,000Yen
Annual Sales JP 6,316,500,000Yen (1998 accounting period)
Number of Employees 241
Number of Factories 8 (1 head office, 6 branch offices, 1 sale office)
Name of Bank Oita Bank, Fkukuoka Bank, Sumitomo Bank, Fuji Bank, Nishinippon Bank, Fukuoka City Bank
Company President(CEO) Ken Ono

Contact Details
Project Manager Tetsuji Ono, Excective Director, administration general control
Address 1995-1 Tsurusaki, Oita City Oita Prefecture 870-0106 Japan
Telephone Number +81-97-524-1111(general administration head-quarters +81-93-561-0036)
FAX Number +81-97-527-5311(general administration head-quarters +81-93-571-1469)
E-mail Address somu@onoken.co.jp
Web-site Address http://www.onoken.co.jp

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