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Type of Business: Manufacturing, wholesale, and retail

Business Profile

Business Summary
Year Established 1956
Capital JP 40,000,000 Yen
Annual Sales JP 3,700,000,000 Yen (1998 accounting year)
Number of Employees 600
Number of Factories 1
Name of Bank Oita Bank, Howa Bank
Company President(CEO) Satoshi Saito
Experience in Overseas
Country: China
Detail: Importing of artificial flowers

Contact Details
Project Manager Yoshimaru Kawano, Executive Managing Director
Address 740 Mukounoyama, Akano, Hazama Oita Prefecture, 879-5516, Japan
Telephone Number +81-97-583-3200
FAX Number +81-97-583-5051
E-mail Address kikuya@fat.coara.or.jp
Web-site Address http://www.coara.or.jp/~kikuya/

Desired Product A Artificial Flowers
a: For the BON Festival (Buddhist holiday)
b: For Christmas

  1. a1: The push used for the top (the total length: 40cm, Flower size: 20cm)
  2. a1: Artificial flowers used for the sides (the total length: 120cm, flower size: 20cm)
Material(s) Polyester, Silk, and others
  1. a1: US$ 15.00/D2
  2. a2: US$ 17.00/D2 CIF OITA & Moji
  1. a: 40,000-50,000pcs
  2. b: 20,000-25,000pcs

Desired Product B Pottery, Porcelain
Pottery to be used for the Bon Festival is the most desired. We would like to consider its potential as a container of confectionery. Currently we use domestic pottery.

  1. Pottery for the BON Festival offerings (height: 11cm, width: 10cm, diameter: 10cm)
  2. For confectionery (height: 10cm, width: 10cm, diameter: 10cm)
Price US$ 1.80/pcs CIF OITA & Moji
Quantity 10,000-15,000pcs

Desired Product C Ribbons
Kikuya is a confectionery. Ribbons are frequently used as gift-wrapping. Therefore various kinds of ribbons such as fluorescent colors are necessary.

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