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Company Name: Mail Art Japan Japan

Type of Business: Wholesale and retail
Type of Products: Art-related products, aromatherapy and candles, handicrafts and interior goods
Preferred Countries / region: Various EU countries

Business Profile

90% of the products that we handle are imported from various EU countries. We sell wholesale artistic and natural products with high value-added potential to giftware markets. Our present clientele consists of dozens of companies.
For suppliers from EU countries, please contact us through our English branch and sister companies.

Business Summary
Year Established 1985
Capital JP 5,000,000 Yen
Number of Employees 4
Company President(CEO) Shinji Goto
Experience in Overseas
Country: UK, various EU countries

Contact Details
Project Manager Shinji Goto
Address 3-1-46 Kentoku-machi, Oita City, Oita Prefecture Japan
Telephone Number +81-97-538-2235
FAX Number +81-97-538-9760
E-mail Address mailart@srg-uk.com
Web-site Address http://srg-uk.com/mailart/
Overseas Branch/Agency
SRG Independent Trading Co Ltd

Desired Product A Art Prints and the Other Art-related Products (e.g. posters, postcards and others.)
The products we are looking for vary from reproduction paintings, posters and postcards of famous artists to the art prints of young, up-and-coming artists. In addition, we are not highly selective of the paper or material used, so products of any material are welcomed.

Material(s) paper and others. Trading Terms and Conditions Negotiable
Price up to US $500 of trade price (ex factory)

Desired Product B Natural, Ecological and Organic Products.
Products with a natural feel to them. Recycled materials and ecological products. We look for certifiable, real organic products.The type of products is not important.

Price up to around US $150 of trade price (ex factory) Trading Terms and Conditions Negotiable

Desired Product C Craftwares, Giftwares and Interior Goods
Craftwares and unique, yet fashionable miscellaneous interior goods. We are looking for artistic miscellaneous goods. Original boxes are an important concern in the Japanese market, so please let us know in advance whether or not products will be in their original boxes. Of course, original boxes are not the only important criteria.

Price up to around US $75 of trade price (ex factory) Trading Terms and Conditions Negotiable

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