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Company Name: Oita Ueki Co., Ltd. Japan

Type of Business: Wholesale and retail

Business Profile

We conduct various businesses related to gardening such as tree cultivation, running a market of garden plants, landscaping, and sales of wholesale items for landscape gardening.
Making use of our knowledge of the gardening business, we offer cities and gardens filled with green and beauty for four seasons to provide our customers with an elegant living environment.

Business Summary
Year Established October 1974
Capital JP 10,000,000 Yen
Annual Sales JP 500,000,000 Yen
Number of Employees 9
Name of Bank Oita Bank Wasada branch
Company President(CEO) Sawayuki Futamura

Contact Details
Address 625-2 Tamazawa, Oita City, Oita Prefecture Japan
Telephone Number +81-97-541-1047
FAX Number +81-97-542-6539
E-mail Address futamura@themis.ocn.ne.jp

Desired Product A Materials for landscape gardening or tree planting

Trading Terms and Conditions Negotiable

Desired Product B Seeds and saplings
Products which evoke sense of seasons with flower blossoms or fallen leaves and fit to Japanese climate.

Trading Terms and Conditions Negotiable

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