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Company Name: Kotton-sha Japan

Type of Business: Other
Type of Products: German Souvenirs
Preferred Countries / region: Germany

Business Profile

Naoiri-machi is famous in Japan for its carbonated spring, and is prompting cultural exchanges with hot springs cities in Germany. Kotton-sha was established by Naoiri-machi for the purpose of promoting business exchanges with Germany as well. It is bridging Naoiri-machi and Germany by introducing information on German companies and products to the people of the town. In Naoiri-machi, wine and confectionaries imported from Germany are sold and are becoming popular among tourists.

Business Summary
Company President(CEO) Katsji Shuto
Experience in Overseas
Country: Germany
Detail: Souvenirs

Contact Details
Project Manager
Tsugitoshi Nabekawa, Kawabataya store manager
Address 7992-1 Nagayu, Naoiri-machi, Naoiri-gun, Oita Prefecture, Japan
Telephone Number +81-974-75-2272
FAX Number +81-974-75-2002

Desired Product A German Products (souvenirs)
Through the sales of special products and souvenirs, we would like to introduce people to German culture, which has a relationship with our town.

Trading Terms and Conditions Negotiable

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