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Company Name: German Village Krzingen Japan

Type of Business: Retail
Type of Products: Confectionaries, folk crafts and souvenirs from Germany
Preferred Countries / region: Germany

Business Profile

Since our town is a friendship city with Krzingen city, this shop sells German confectionaries and miscellaneous goods as souvenirs.
The second floor is a coffee shop where you can have German wine, imported directly from Germany, along with German cheese. We will start selling German bread.
We would like to collect more and more products from Germany.

Business Summary
Year Established 1996
Number of Employees 4
Name of Bank Oita Credit Association
Company President(CEO) Kumiko Sanada
Experience in Overseas
Country: Germany
Detail: Direct imports from a friendship city, Krzingen

Contact Details
Project Manager Kumiko Sanada
Address 8195-11 Nagayu, Naoiri-machi, Naoiri-gun, Oita Prefecture, Japan
Telephone Number +81-974-75-2804
FAX Number +81-974-75-2804
E-mail Address ma-ya@fk.enjoy.ne.jp

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