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Company Name: Liquor Shop Ikeda Manabu Japan

Type of Business: Retail

Business Profile

We are a small retail business that competes against large-scale retail businesses with seven stores organizing "Sankai-juku".
We work actively to deal with original products and are willing to import products in order to provide our stores with original merchandise.

Business Summary
Year Established 1960
Number of Employees 3
Name of Bank Saiki Credit Associatons
Company President(CEO) Manabu Ikeda

Contact Details
Project Manager Kei Ikeda
Address 342-6 Azamui, Kamiura-machi, Minami amabe-gun, Oita Prefecture Japan
Telephone Number +81-972-32-2012
FAX Number +81-972-25-9000
E-mail Address kei@mir.or.jp
Web-site Address http://www.mir.or.jp/

Desired Product A Alcoholic beverages and Food

Trading Terms and Conditions Negotiable

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