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Company Name: Nikko Create Co., Ltd. Japan

Type of Business: Trading
Type of Products: Lumber, building stones, agriculture fertilizer, and materials

Business Profile

We were established in 1995 as a Nippon Steel Chemistry associated company. We started a whole new import business last year.
Although we are a small business, we are highly motivated.
Through our contact with people in other countries, we are expanding as our company develops as an international business.

Business Summary
Year Established 1995
Capital JP 3,000,000 Yen
Company President(CEO) Tadao Hinode
Experience in Overseas
Country: China

Contact Details
Project Manager Noriko Nonoshita
Address 3195-5 Shimogoori, Oita City, Oita Prefecture Japan
Telephone Number +81-97-503-8470
FAX Number +81-97-503-8471

Desired Product A Lumber for pallets and pallets
  1. Reasonable prices, quality guaranteed
  2. In addition to JIS products, we can manufacture various sized standard products upon request (semiprocessed goods).

Variations Negotiable Trading Terms and Conditions Ex Factory
Material(s) Pine, poplar, colored wood and others (produced in China) Terms of Payment Invoices must be paid by the end of the following month.
Price Negotiable Shipment Due Within a week
Quantity 1 container

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