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Company Name: Big Cosmo Project Japan

Type of Business: Manufacturing and wholesale
Type of Products: Toys, sundries, gardening supplies, clothing, and others.

Business Profile

As a freebie and premium gift delivery supplier for game facilities, we have been delivering goods since 1992 mainly to amusement facilities such as Space world (Kitakyushu), Kijima amusement park (Beppu), and hotels and hot spring facilities.
We mainly import new Chinese products and custom made products in order to meet clients' demands.

Business Summary
Year Established 1992
Capital JP 25,000,000 Yen
Annual Sales JP 80,000,000 Yen
Number of Employees 3
Name of Bank Oita Mirai Credit Bank
Company President(CEO) Kenzo Watanabe
Experience in Overseas
Country: China
Detail: Toys, Sundries, and others.

Contact Details
Address 8-3 Nakasuga Higashi machi, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture Japan
Telephone Number +81-977-67-2816
FAX Number +81-977-67-2819
E-mail Address kosumo@skyblue.ocn.ne.jp

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