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Company Name: Kimura Co., Ltd. Japan

Type of Products: Frozen prawns, frozen food and food for business use

Business Profile

Gourmet information is our concept. We provide delicious food from all over the world to over 500 companies such as hotels, restaurants, sushi bars, and pubs.
We are a member of a town revitalization group "Beppu Dream" and visited Indonesia to buy prawns subsidized by Oita Prefecture in March 1999.

Business Summary
Year Established Wholesale
Capital 1987
Annual Sales JP 40,000,000 Yen
Number of Employees 38
Number of Factories 1
Name of Bank Oita Bank Kannawa branch
Company President(CEO) Susumu Kato

Contact Details
Project Manager Company President Susumu Kato
Address 2998-5 Tsurumi, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture 874-0847 Japan
Telephone Number +81-977-26-2345
FAX Number +81-977-26-1742
E-mail Address susumu-k@oec-net.or.jp

Desired Product A Natural prawns
The freshness of our prawns is distinguished; no chemicals are used during processing. We are looking for a partner who can deal with fresh, safe, natural prawns even in small amounts.

Trading Terms and Conditions Negotiable

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