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Company Name: OVIEDO CO., LTD. Japan

Type of Business: Manufacturing
Type of Products: High quality timber
Preferred Countries / region: South America

Business Profile

This company is involved in the manufacture and sale of alcoves, which are an essential part of Japanese homes.
We use high quality wood for our housing materials.
In particular we have gained a good reputation by using South American red sandalwood, which is used by very few makers in Japan.

Business Summary
Year Established May 1977
Capital 10,000,000yen
Annual Sales 300,000,000yen
Number of Employees 13
Number of Factories 1
Name of Bank Fukuoka Bank,Chikuho Bank
Company President(CEO) Mitsuyuki Watanabe
Experience in Overseas
Country: Paraguay

Contact Details
Address 280 Minami Tomoda Town, Hita City, Oita Prefecture
Telephone Number +81-973-22-6655
FAX Number +81-973-22-2367
E-mail Address conan55@guitar.ocn.ne.jp
Web-site Address http://www.skyboom.com/oviedo

Desired Product A Timber - Scientific Name Ipe (Called Lapacho in Paraguay)
We polish and coat the Ipe and produce unique wooden materials for Japanese alcoves, selling them under the brand name of "South American Red Sandalwood".
The use of the high quality South American red sandalwood is not just limited to alcoves, but has also gained a good reputation for the use in entrance halls, walls and counters.

Variations Timber products - 2m, 3m, 4m boards as well as squared timber Trading Terms and Conditions CIF
Material(s) Timber - Ipe Terms of Payment L/C
Price $1,000/cubic meter Shipment Due 3-4 months
Quantity Container (20 or 40 feet)

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