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Company Name: Madawaska Doors Inc. Canada

Type of Business: Manufacturing
Type of Products: 100% solid wood custom doors

Exhibition Product A 100% Natural Solid Wood Custom Doors
100% Natural Solid Wood Custom Doors
100% Natural Solid Wood Custom Doors
Material(s) Trading Terms and Conditions
Top quality kiln dried lumber, genuine stained glass Ex Factory
Variations Terms of Payment
125 standard designs, available in 15 standard species of wood Prepaid (Negotiable), Irrevocable L/C, DirectBank, T/T, Credit Card
Conditions of Price Individual Orders
FCL=CIF Main Port of Entry, LCL=Ex Factory (Negotiable) Negotiable
Minimum Quantity Availability of Samples
None Can Send (No Charge)
Hand Samples - No Minimum
Full Size Samples - Special Discount (Negotiable)
Maximum Quantity Availability of Catalogues
None Can Send (No Charge)
Selling Point(s)
  1. Madawaska Doors offers a wide variety of standard designs offered with the convenience of unlimited options permits the customization of any doors and frame configuration
  2. White ash, birch, red cedar, black cherry, douglas fir, hemlock, mahogany, maple, oak, pine, poplar, redwood, and black walnut are some of the wood types that are available
  3. The in-house glass department produces glass inserts of any design
  4. Countless colours and textures of decorative glass are offered - including beveled, mirror, stained, v-groove, genuine true-divided lead, copper, zinc and brass lites.
  5. For exterior doors, insulated glass is available

Business Profile

Madawaska Doors Inc. is a leading Canadian manufacturer and exporter of high-end, 100% natural solid wood, stile and rail, mortise & tenon, custom doors. Solid wood doors are produced in any size, and design and in any species of wood available. Interior, exterior, bi-fold and curve top doors are available as well as sidelights, transoms, and a full line of customizable pre-hang products.

For 25 years, Madawaska Doors has been supplying solid wood doors and pre-hanging products to the international housing market. In addition to direct purchases, the products are also supplied through various pre-fabricated and packaged home companies.

Business Summary
Year Established 1974
Annual Sales over USD 10,000,000
Number of Employees 140
Number of Factories 1
Name of Bank Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
Company President(CEO) R. Hank Delmas
Experience in Japan
Actively exporting directly to Japan for over ten years.

Contact Details
Project Manager Martin Zhu
Communicate in Japanese Yes
Address P.O.Box 850, Bolton, ON, CANADA L7E5T5
Telephone Number +1-905-859-4622
FAX Number +1-905-859-4654
Japanese Toll Free FAX 00531-162-058
E-mail Address mdi@madawaska-doors.com
Web-site Address http://www.madawaska-doors.com

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