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Company Name: WaterMAXX Canada

Type of Business: Manufacturing
Type of Products: Pitchers and filters for potable water

Exhibition Product A WaterMAXX
Material(s) Trading Terms and Conditions
Plastics & filtering medium FOB
Variations Terms of Payment
2.3L and 2L pitchers L/C
Price Availability of Samples
Negotiable Can Send (Charge)
Conditions of Price Availability of Catalogues
FOB Can Send
Minimum Quantity
Maximum Quantity
Selling Point(s)
  1. Healthier, cleaner, better tasting tap water
  2. Canadian made WaterMAXX filtration system improves tap water for drinking and better tasting tea, rice, vegetables and more
  3. Removes up to 97% chlorine
  4. Reduces lead, iron and copper
  5. Softens water
  6. Reduces offensive odours
  7. The Streamline pitcher is specially designed for the Japanese home and will fit easily into all refrigerators
  8. Convenient and easy to use - just fill the pitcher's reservoir with cold tap water and it quickly filters through a blend of activated carbon and potassium-based resin
  9. The special filter ensures tap water is directed through the middle of the filtering medium for MAXX-imum efficiency
  10. All WaterMAXX pitchers include one free filter that will last up to 140 litres (approximately one to two months)

Business Profile

Manufacturer of pitchers and filters for potable water.

Business Summary
Year Established 1995
Number of Employees 100
Number of Factories 3
Name of Bank Royal
Company President(CEO) Mr. Roy Matsushita
Experience in Japan
Foodex 1998, Tokyo.

Contact Details
Project Manager Michael Hotta
Communicate in Japanese No
Address 290 Ferrier Street, Markham, ON, L3R2Z5, CANADA
Telephone Number +1-905-513-8889
FAX Number +1-905-513-1153
E-mail Address info@watermaxx.ca
Web-site Address http://www.watermaxx.ca

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