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Company Name: Oy Honkamajat Finland Ltd. Finland

Type of Business: Manufacturing
Type of Products: Different types of log houses

Exhibition Product A Log House
Log House
Log House
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Selling Point(s)
  1. Flexibility and customer orientated planning have been essential tactics in a competitive market. Most customers have their own wishes and needs, and the ability to respond to these needs is a very significant factor. We want to point out that all models in our catalogue can be altered according to the customer's individual wishes and needs. Also, we are able to supply on the basis of the customer's plan or design
  2. We supply our own raw material - tight-grained, slowly grown pine from north and northeastern Finland. Self-supplying quality raw material is our strongest point

Business Profile

Oy Honkamajat Finland Ltd. is a company that has produced different types of log houses like detached houses for permanent living, cottages, restaurants, hotels, and shops since 1970. We have exported our houses all over the world. Japan has been one of our major export countries since 1987. We have retailers all over Europe, Japan, Korea, Turkey, and Russia. Also, we have new contacts in Hokkaido, and the latest one, named "Tom Sawyer Village" is in Kyushu. After finding a liable co-operator in Kyushu, we are very much looking forward to increasing sales there.

Our premises are situated in the city of Oulu, 600 kilometers from Helsinki. Our production capacity is 600 medium sized log houses per year. Our range of products is comprehensive: detached houses, holiday residences, bungalows, cabins, saunas, etc. Furthermore, we have a very large assortment of logs. We are looking forward to more opportunities through the Oita International Trade Show.

Business Summary
Company President(CEO) Mr. Kristian Aalto
Experience in Japan
Exporting since 1987 (34% of our production in 1998)

Contact Details
Project Manager Mr. Kari Nylanden
Communicate in Japanese No
Address Veistamotie 6, 90550 Oulu, FINLAND
Telephone Number +358-8-341-444
FAX Number +358-8-345-688
E-mail Address honkamajat@honkamajat.fi
Web-site Address http://www.honkamajat.fi
Japanese Branch/Agency

Tom Sawyer Village
Mr. Hiroshi Fujino
586-3 Kawakita, Yufuin, OITA
Telephone Number +81-977-84-5046
FAX Number +81-977-84-5074

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