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Company Name: Gemphil Technologies Inc. Philippines

Type of Business: Manufacturing/Trading Company
Type of Products: RF/IF Transformers, magnetics, wire harnesses

Exhibition Product A RF/IF Transformer/Magnetics
RF/IF Transformer/Magnetics
RF/IF Transformer/Magnetics
Material(s) Terms of Payment
Cores, magnetics wires COD/T.T.
Maximum Quantity Shipment Due
By Negotiation 2 weeks

Individual Orders


Availability of Samples

Can Send

Availability of Catalogues

Can Send
Selling Point(s)
  1. Manually wound small transformers used in cellphones and CATV
  2. Has its own development group that can assist or work together with the client

Exhibition Product B Wire Harness
Wire Harness
Wire Harness
Material(s) Terms of Payment
Wires, connectors COD/T.T.
Price Shipment Due
Negotiable 2 weeks
Conditions of Price Individual Orders
Ex Factory Accept
Maximum Quantity Availability of Samples
By negotiation Can Send

Availability of Catalogues

Can Send
Selling Point(s)
  1. Price competitive wire harnesses for home appliances and automobiles

Business Summary
Year Established 1991
Number of Employees 360
Number of Factories 2
Company President(CEO) Romeo V. Cruz
Experience in Japan
Subcontracts for wire harnesses

Contact Details
Project Manager Gamaliel C. Lino
Address 7 West Rd., LISP, Cabuyao, Laguna, PHILIPPINES
Telephone Number +63-49-543-0661/62/66
FAX Number +63-49-543-0660
E-mail Address gemphil@laguna.net

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