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Company Name: Kunshan Foreign Trade Company China

Type of Business: Trading Company
Type of Products: Chemicals, light industry, medical health, etc.

Exhibition Product A Flavoured Raw Materials
Flavoured Raw Materials
Flavoured Raw Materials
Price Trading Terms and Conditions
Negotiable CIF
Conditions of Price Terms of Payment
CIF L/C or D/P
Minimum Quantity Shipment Due
1 Ton 2 weeks
Maximum Quantity Individual Orders
FCL Accept

Availability of Samples

Can Send

Availability of Catalogues

Can Send
Selling Point(s)
  1. Flavour and fragrance products are our main lines
  2. Oils include: litsea cubeba, menthol, spearmint, anethol, aniseed, eucalyptus, sassafras, citronella and various other aromatic chemicals
  3. Major exporting countries: United States, Germany, France, England, Japan and Spain
  4. Plant located in Kunshan, which is known as "Perfume City" in China
  5. Strict quality control
  6. Devoted to product development, manufacturing and sales

Exhibition Product B Chinese Bee's Honey ('San You' Brand)
Chinese Bee's Honey ('San You' Brand)
Chinese Bee's Honey ('San You' Brand)
Material(s) Trading Terms and Conditions
Acacia, milkvetch, etc. FOB
Variations Terms of Payment
Bottled, Weight: 1000gm, 500gm, 380gm, 283gm L/C at sight or D/P at sight
Price Individual Orders
Negotiable Accept
Conditions of Price Availability of Samples
FOB Can Send (No Charge)
Minimum Quantity Availability of Catalogues
One container (20,000 bottles) Can Send (No Charge)
Maximum Quantity
1000 MT
Selling Point(s)
  1. It is full of: fructose, glucose amino acids, vitamins, protein, enzymes, trace elements and other nutritional elements
  2. Natural product supplied by nature

Business Profile

Kunshan Foreign Trade Co. is a trading company established around 1980. In recent years, we have added a 14 sector exporting division with over 300 varieties of products. Lead by: chemicals, light industry, medical health, textiles, electronics, metals and minerals, machinery, arts and various oils and foodstuffs. Among these: honey, essential oils, pharmaceuticals and vitamin C have enjoyed world popularity.

Business Summary
Company President(CEO) Xiao De

Contact Details
Project Manager Xiao De
Communicate in Japanese Yes
Address 270 Mid Qianjin Rd., Kunshan, Jiangsu, CHINA
Telephone Number +86-520-7309548
FAX Number +86-520-7302616
E-mail Address kft@public1.sz.js.cn
Web-site Address http://www.ksftco.com

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