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Company Name: Yantai Import and Export Corporation China

Type of Business: Trading Company

Exhibition Product A Fruits

Exhibition Product B Tools and Hardware
Tools and Hardware
Tools and Hardware

Exhibition Product C Garments

Business Profile

Handling mainly imports and exports of: cereals, oils, fruits, foodstuffs, textiles, garments, machineries, minerals, and building materials. Also processing imported and supplied materials, etc.

Business Summary
Year Established 1994
Capital CNY 5,000,000
Annual Sales USD 67,860,000 (1998)
Number of Employees 128
Name of Bank Bank of China
Company President(CEO) Mr. Wang Weiguo
Experience in Japan
Garment trading

Contact Details
Address No.71, Jianshe Rd., Yantai, CHINA
Telephone Number +86-535-624-3902
FAX Number +86-535-624-1209
E-mail Address ytieco@ec.com.cn
Web-site Address http://www.china-yantai.com/
Japanese Branch/Agency

Sunshine Japan Co., Ltd., 2-2-13 Minamishinmachi, Chuo-ku, OSAKA/Telephone Number +81-6-6946-9031/Fax Number +81-6-6946-9032

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