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Company Name: Umwelt Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG Geislingen/Hartha Germany

Type of Business: R&D, Manufacturing, Trading/Delivering
Type of Products: Compost control system based on oxygen and temperature
Dimensioning and delivering of complete composting plants (open and closed) without odour problems

Exhibition Product A System COMPO-matic(R) 2001 Compost Control System
System COMPO-matic(R) 2001 Compost Control System
System COMPO-matic(R) 2001 Compost Control System
Material(s) Trading Terms and Conditions
Used to compost and reduce various kinds of biological waste, like kitchen waste, greenwaste and others Negotiable
Variations Terms of Payment
Customer specified dimensioning for each system 30% of the total price with the written order, 50% of the total price payable on delivery, 20% of the total price when put into operation
Price Shipment Due
Dependent of the extent of delivery <4 months after completion of contract
Conditions of Price Individual Orders
Negotiable Accept
Minimum Quantity Availability of Samples
1 Piece Cannot Send

Availability of Catalogues

Selling Point(s)
  1. A unit consists of a control system (encl. measuring system for oxygen and temperature,) aeration and ventilation systems (customer specified dimensions)
  2. Maximised rate of degradation
  3. Shorter rotting times
  4. Higher throughput
  5. Lower operating costs
  6. Lower energy costs
  7. Considerably reduced odour emissions
  8. High quality of compost
  9. Every system has to be planned and dimensioned customer-specified (outgoing from the input-material and the wishes of the customer.)
  10. Dimensioning is only possible by Umwelt Elektronik GmbH & Co. KG

Business Profile

Fields of Activities:
Mechanical-biological waste treatment (aerobic composting process and waste reduction.)
From the development of a concept till the delivering of a complete composting plant.
Building of complete plants with the cooperation of Japanese companies is possible.
Machines and devices for the monitoring and regulation of the rotting process.
Measuring instruments, direct and feedback control systems.
Ventilation technology (pressure,) stationary and mobile systems with ventilators, in-/on-floor.
Oxygen and temperature profile probes.
Visualisation programmes.
Dimensioning of ventilation systems (process and material-specific)
System optimisation. Increase the throughput of existing composting plants, minimise smell, improve quality, reduce costs, condition analysis
Advisory and planning services from the conception of the system to licensing preceedings, construction, site supervision and on to object management and documentation.
Provision of expertise

Business Summary
Year Established 1994
Capital USD 115,000
Annual Sales USD 590,000 (1998) USD 835,000 (1999)
Name of Bank Kreissparkasse Goppingen
Company President(CEO) Mr. Ullus Leidel (Hartha office)
Mr. Eckehard Schauz (Geislingen office)

Contact Details
Project Manager Mr. Winfried Flauger
Communicate in Japanese No
Address Markt 3-5, D-04746 Hartha, GERMANY
Telephone Number +49-34328-41016
FAX Number +49-34328-42110
E-mail Address umwelt.elektronik@planet-interkom.de
Web-site Address http://www.bionet.net/ue

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