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Company Name: Instituto Valenciano de la Exportation (IVEX) Spain

Type of Products: Furniture, Shoes, Lighting equipment, Building stones, Tiles, Recycled glass articles, Food, Wine, etc.

Business Profile

As a branch office of the state government of Valencia, Spain, we are inviting investment and promoting export of local products. Products such as furniture, shoes, recycled glass products are exported from Valencia. We hope that more and more companies in Japan will get to know products from Valencia.

Business Summary
Year Established 1990
Number of Employees 5
Company President(CEO) Director: Carlos Montero

Contact Details
Communicate in Japanese Yes
Address Akasaka OS Building 2F, Akasaka 2-21-15, Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN
Telephone Number +81-3-5561-9831
FAX Number +81-3-5561-9830
E-mail Address ivextko@japan.co.jp
Web-site Address http://www.ivex.es

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