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Company Name: Advance Brew Co. Ltd. Germany

Type of Business: Trading Company
Type of Products: Beer and beverages; gift items with beer

Exhibition Product A 'Hofmark Brewery' Beer
'Hofmark Brewery' Beer
'Hofmark Brewery' Beer
Wurzig mild, Wurzig herb, Oko-Premium, Premium Weissbier, Dunkle Weisse; 500ml swing top bottle and 2l Magnum bottle
Selling Point(s)
  1. The swing-top-beer specialties "Das feine Hofmark" are described by Michael Jackson, a famous expert in drinks, journalist, and "beer hunter" as one of the most balanced beers regarding hops and malt in the world.

Exhibition Product B 'Berliner Burgerbrau' Beer
'Berliner Burgerbrau' Beer
'Berliner Burgerbrau' Beer
Rotkehlchen, Pils, Schuarzbier-Bernauer Art, Bock beer, Mai Bock, Dunkler Bock; 0.33l, 0.5l, 1l, 2l
Selling Point(s)
  1. Berliner Burgerbrau has a great, distinctly German sounding name as perceived by foreign customers as "Berliner" suggests the location and the darts on the Burgerbrau label look very German.

Business Profile

Hofmark Brewery located in Bavaria is a family brewery with over 400 years brewing experience. It is located in the Bohemian Forest near the Czechoslovakian border.

Only four natural ingredients water, malt, hops, and yeast are used in the brewing process. We pledge by the German Reinheitsgebot ("Law of Pureness"). Our brewing water sources from one of the finest natural springs in the world.

Hofmark Brewery has won a packaging award and top honour awards from CMA-Germany. Plus, gold medals for authentic beer quality. We are perhaps the smallest, but finest export brewery in Germany.

Berliner Burgerbrau Brewery run by the Haring family is the leading traditional brewery in Berlin. The brewery is located next to the largest lake in Berlin, which is right in the middle of a natural reserve with forests, parks and the city water reservoir.

The Berliner Burgerbrau Brewery is the oldest brewery in Berlin, which has been operating at its original location for 130 years. We brew based on the German Reinheitsgebot, "Law of Pureness."

Business Summary
Company President(CEO) Paul Haering

Contact Details
Project Manager Paul Haering
Address 2F Pinemall, 2-1 Matsunouchi, Ashiya 659-0094, JAPAN
Telephone Number +81-797-21-5681
FAX Number +81-797-21-5682
E-mail Address brew@pearl.ocn.ne.jp

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