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Company Name: Chongqing Corporation Limited China

Type of Business: Trading Company

Business Profile

  1. Chongqing Corporation Limited is an Incorporated company established in Tokyo, Japan by Chongqing city of China on January 6, 1993. It consists of 8 trading companies including. Xi-nan technology I/E Co. Chongqing Corp. Ltd. is the sole window company to Japan of Chongqing city - the center of economy with the population of 30,000,000 in South-Westevn District.
  2. Chongqing Corp. Ltd. Consist of departments of:
    1.Machinery, industrial plant (Measuring instrument is included) 2.Motor Vehicles 3.Fiber product, silk (raw silk) 4.Chemical industry product 5.Tea stock breeding product, food industry
  3. Item/product (Cnina to Japan) :
    Textiles, chemistry product, chemistry intermediate product, paint, dye, carbonic acid strontium, raw silk, spun silk yarn, silk carpet, souvenir product, cereals and oils, animal breeding product, and products and raw materials in Chongqing city and southwest region can be covered.
  4. Various kinds of machine parts are processed on commission.

Business Summary
Year Established 1993
Capital JPY 10,000,000
Number of Employees 5
Name of Bank Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank, Sanwa Bank
Company President(CEO) Gao Jian
Experience in Japan
Car parts, machinary and parts, apparel, silk

Contact Details
Project Manager Director of Machinery, industrial plant dept. Gao Jian
Communicate in Japanese Yes
Address Sugano Bldg. 2F, Monzen-nakamachi 1-5-6, Koto Ward, Tokyo
Telephone Number +81-3-3820-8841
FAX Number +81-3-3820-8844
E-mail Address cq@cqc-tokyo.com
Web-site Address http://www.cqc-tokyo.com

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