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Company Name: Suzhou Imp. and Exp. Co., Ltd. (Group) China China

Type of Business: Trading Company

Exhibition Product A Bicycles and Spare Parts
Bicycles and Spare Parts
Bicycles and Spare Parts
BMX, MTB, city bike, spokes bike, election bike, and spares parts

Exhibition Product B Vacuum Cleaner (Model: SMC71)
Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Cleaner
Carton: 56cm x 32cm x 30.5cm
USD 30.00-40.00
Selling Point(s)
  1. Voltage: 230v, 110v (or as requested)
  2. Power: 1300w, 1400w, 1500w
  3. Airflow (L/S): 40-45
  4. Vacuum (mmH20): 2600
  5. Dustbag capacity: 4l
  6. Cord length: 5m
  7. Motor life: 600h
  8. Noise Level: <72Db

Exhibition Product C Tires
Kinds of tires: bias, truck, off-the-road, industrial, passenger radial, truck radial, agricultural, solid forklift, motorcycle, bicycle
Selling Point(s)
  1. One of the largest exporters of Chinese tires

Exhibition Product D Marine 'Sacrificial Anode'

Selling Point(s)
  1. The Marine "Sacrificial Anode," is a form of cathodic protection
  2. The product suppresses electrochemical corrosive cells from forming within steel structures in seawater. This is achieved by utilizing the nature of positively charged electrodes (anodes) present in alloy and steel to bond them with the steel used in hull plates and rudders, employing bolts or welding
  3. As the anodes corrode, electrical current is generated that reacts with negatively charged electrodes (cathodes) in the steel to neutralize the corrosive process. That is, the anodes are "sacrificed" to protect the cathodes in the steel, hence the product is called, the "Sacrificial Anode"
  4. The product is suitable for the protection of ships, marine engineering and harbor facilities, and other mechanical equipment in seawater
  5. The aluminum anodes are manufactured under strict quality control conditions, satisfying U.S.A. naval standards (MIL-A-18001)

Business Profile

Our main export commodities include: silk, textiles, knitwear, garments, light industrial products, art and crafts, metals, minerals, machinery, equipment, building materials, electronic products, chemicals, natural products, animal by-products, cereals, oils, foodstuffs, medicine, and health products.

Business Summary
Year Established 1996
Annual Sales USD 18,244,000,000 (1998)
Number of Employees 657
Name of Bank Bank of China
Company President(CEO) Jiang Ren Jie

Contact Details
Project Manager Hu Gui Sheng
Address International Trade Building 18th Floor, No.6 Xi Huan Rd., Suzhou, CHINA
Telephone Number +86-512-8266806
FAX Number +86-512-8266960-1809
E-mail Address jtgs@ec.com.cn

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