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Company Name: Stronglite Incorporated
This product information has been quoted from "Import Business News" issued by JETRO with its permission.

Type of Business: Manufacturing, Wholesale
Type of Products: Tables for Shiatsu & Massage

Exhibition Product A Tables for Shiatsu & Massage
Tables for Shiatsu & Massage
Tables for Shiatsu & Massage
Material(s) Shipment Due
Vinyl, Polyurethane 2 weeks
US $377
Conditions of Price
US Retail Price
Minimum Quantity
1 set
Selling Point(s)
Vinyl on the surface and polyurethane on the inside. Most of their legs are wooden but metal is also available. The reason why they have great stability and are designed for the therapists to easily treat their patients is because our president himself, who is an experienced therapist, has participated in their development. They are lightweight, durable and very easy to use. We have a great product line with portable models also available.

Business Profile

Since our development of tables for massage and body therapy in 1986, which are very easy to use for both the patients and therapists, we have expanded our product line to also deal with the production and marketing of portable models.

Business Summary
Year Established 1986
Annual Sales US $4,000,000
Number of Employees 50
Company President(CEO) Mr.John Lloyd

Contact Details
Project Manager Mr.John Lloyd
Address 255 Davidson Street, Cottage Grove,Oregon 97424 , USA
Telephone Number +1-541-942-0130
FAX Number +1-541-942-2033
E-mail Address pamg@stronglite.com
Web-site Address http://www.stronglite.com/

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