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Company Name: Marquis Spas
This product information has been quoted from "Import Business News" issued by JETRO with its permission.

Type of Business: Manufacturing, Wholesale
Type of Products: Hot bathtub

Exhibition Product A Hot Bathtub "SPA"
Hot Bathtub "SPA"
Hot Bathtub "SPA"
Material(s) Shipment Due
Cedar, Acryl 2 to 3 weeks
US $1,855 to 4,795
Conditions of Price
Selling Point(s)
A natural Jacuzzi type bath tub with cedar from Oregon used for its external wall parts. It is designed to save/cut down on electricity consumption and its operation of water/temperature adjustment is easy. We use materials that enables simple maintenance.

Business Profile

We have been dealing with the manufacturing/sales of the hot bathtubs that are made of the natural products and the bath tubs, that are known to relax one's body and soul, combined from 20 years ago.

Business Summary
Year Established 1981
Annual Sales US $35,000,000
Number of Employees 240

Contact Details
Project Manager Operations Manager: Mark Coursey
Address 596 Hoffman Road, Independence, Oregon 97351, USA
Telephone Number +1-800-275-0888
FAX Number +1-503-838-4832
E-mail Address marquis@navicom.com

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