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Company Name: Condar Company
This product information has been quoted from "Impot Business News" issued by JETRO with its permission.

Type of Business: Manufacturing, Wholesale
Type of Products: Fireplace/Stove peripherals

Exhibition Product A Half Kettle Steamer
Half Kettle Steamer
Half Kettle Steamer
Aluminium cast
Black, Silver
US $32
Conditions of Price
Selling Point(s)
An alminum cast made humidifier that put on the fireplaces and stoves. It is a unique product that looks like one whole kettle depending on the angles. The capacity of the kettle is approximately 2 liters.

Business Profile

One of the top level fireplace/stove thermometer manufacturers in the world.

Business Summary
Year Established 1975
Annual Sales US $1,000,000
Number of Employees 30

Contact Details
Project Manager Sales Department: Mr. Greg McCarren
Address P.O.Box250, 108 Mill Sprind Road, Columbus, North Carolina 28722, USA
Telephone Number +1-828-894-8383
FAX Number +1-828-894-2718
E-mail Address condar@condar.com
Web-site Address http://www.condar.com/

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