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Company Name: FIRMA B.N. DEKKER Netherlands

Type of Business: Manufacturing

Exhibition Product A THE POOP-SCOOP
Material(s) Trading Terms and Conditions
Paper Negotiable
Price Shipment Due
Approx. 10 yen/bag (Negotiable) 3 Weeks
Conditions of Price Individual Orders
ExFactory Negotiable
Minimum Quantity Availability of Samples
1pallet(40320bags) Can Send (Charge)
Availability of Catalogues
Cannot Send
Selling Point(s)
You can store dog feces in a paper bag without getting your hands dirty. The material paper is bio-degradable. Portable easy.

Business Profile

Making and selling of doggie dirt disposal bags when walking dogs

Business Summary
Year Established 1987
Number of Factories 1
Name of Bank ABN AMRO BANK
Company President(CEO) MR.B.N.DEKKER

Contact Details
Project Manager MR.B.N.DEKKER
Communicate in Japanese No
Telephone Number +31 591 38 27 71
FAX Number +31 591 38 70 25
E-mail Address dekker@poop-scoop.com

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