Oita Virtual International Trade Show

  • It publicizes your products in Japanese, and provides you with great business opportunities in Japan!
  • You can participate right on the spot with no transportation costs!
  • Easy to contact participating businesses by using Contact Form!

Sponsored by
Oita Foreign Trade Association, Inc.

To promote intenational exchange between companies in Oita and overseas businesses

Opening Date
January 31st, 2000

Website Address

Number of Participating businesses
From Japan 121
From Outside Japan 125
(As of March 1st, 2002)

Qualification for Participation
  • Businesses wishing to extend their markets to Japan(Oita)
  • Businesses able to use the internet
Exhibition Products
All kinds of products are welcome
  • Products displayed must not go against public order and standards of decency.
  • No products shall violate Japan laws and regulations and agreement for international affairs.

Exhibition Fee
30,000Yen (Yen based price)

  • the cost of making your company's exhibition page which contains
    business summary/ 3 products photographs/ description of products
  • the cost of translation(your exhibition pages are provided in English and Japanese)
  • the cost of renewal(contents, photos)
* Payment way will be informed by designated company after application is submitted.

Application Guidelines
  • The following materials must be submitted:
    1. The completed application form
    2. Up to 3 photographs of products (please write product name on photo)
    3. Pamphlets and or Catalogues
  • Please contact following address.(Application form will be sent to you)
submit to
Oita Foreign Trade Association, Inc.
ADRESS: Oaza-Ozai 6, Oita-City 870-0266, Japan
  • Preference will be given to applications which are submitted VIA the Embassy or Consulate OR Public or Government Institutions or Trade Organizations of the country of origin stationed in Japan.

  • Any problems arising from these transactions will not be the responsibility of the sponsor.
  • Materials submitted including photographs and documents will not be returned.