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Introduction to Oita Prefecture


Oita Prefecture is situated in the northeastern part of Japan's southern island of Kyushu. From olden times, the region thrived as a strategic point for sea transportation,early to engage in trade with the west. Recently in 1994, Oita was nationally designated as a Foreign Access Zone (FAZ) in order to promote imports from overseas and encourage investments to Japan. A container terminal is among the facilities which establishes and equips the zone as a base for imports while advancing trade to the region.
In addition, Oita's initiative called the "One Village One Product Movement" aims to stimulate the region to produce local products which meet world class standards. One of its goals is to give rise to various kinds of enterprises full of vitality which produce distinctive regional specialties of Oita that the world will take notice of. Oita is also home to various industries including iron and steel, chemical industries involved in the manufacture of raw materials, IC production,Mechatronics and other state-of-the-art technology industries. New venture enterprises which advance the age in various fields and covering a broad scope of industries have also come to be born here.
Oita is situated locally while taking part in many activities globally. The opening of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University will bring together students from countries all over the world in April, 2000. Oita was selected as one of the sites for the World Cup Soccer Games in 2002. Now, even within Japan, Oita is amongst the number-one vigorous localities, and is being noticed both from within and outside the country

Base of Trade
Base of Trade
"Port of Oita, Ozai Container Terminal "
2002 Word Cup Site
2002 Word Cup Site
"Big Eye"

AREA 6.337Square Kilometers
POPULATION (2001)1.220.000
AMOUNT OF EXPORTS (2000) 243,000Million Yen
AMOUNT OF IMPORTS (2000) 467,400Million Yen
Oita City
TRANSPORTATION FromTokyo: Approximately 1.1/2 hours by airplane
FromSeoul: Approximately 1.1/2 hours by airplane
FromFukuoka: Approximately 2 hours by train

A trail of hot springs cloud of steam rises from Beppu Onsen
A trail of hot springs cloud of steam rises from Beppu Onsen
Abundant nature in Oita

Tourists from all over the world come to visit Oita Prefecture's sightseeing attractions. In particular, onsen-hot springs-spring forth as blessings from the ground, and their number and quality are of great pride to Oita. In all of Japan, Oita has the greatest number of onsen sources; Oita ranks number two in the amount of water springing forth from the onsen. Beppu, a resort city in Oita famous for it's hot springs, boasts the greatest quantity of water from its springs in one single city in all of Japan, second only to Yellowstone in all of the world!

What's "One Village One Product Movement"?
The "One Village One Product Movement" was advocated in 1979 by Governor Hiramatsu as a way of utilizing the individual characteristics and resources unique to each region of Oita Prefecture and advancing them to create products and culture worthy of global standards of quality. This movement is not simply about the making of things, but is also about creating a regional energy by paving the way for a spirit of self-reliance and pride. Through this movement, a global exchange can in turn be fostered.

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