Emblematic character Oita Virtual International Trade Show Outline (SITE MAP)
Please use the following summary as a guide to the organization of the Trade Show.

Web Summary
Top Page You can select English, Chinese at the entrance to the Trade Show.
Introduction to Oita Prefecture This summary will introduce you to Oita Prefecture.
Rules for Browsing Regulations for browsing Trade Show Website.
Participating Company Information Search You can reference companies by Abbreviations, Product Names, Countries/Regions, and Type of Business for all Exhibiting Companies.
Fair Site Information From here you can access each Trade Show Hall.
Trade Show Halls Products are divided into 8 Halls. You can select the hall of the exhibiting companies that you`d like to view.
Hall#1: Food Products, Kitchen
Hall#2: Clothing, Accessories
Hall#3: Electron Goods, Machinery, Parts, Chemicals
Hall#4: Housing, Building Materials
Hall#5: Furniture, Interiors
Hall#6: Stationary Supplies, Toys, Leisure, General Merchandise
Hall#7: Other
Hall#8: Various types of Organizations
Introduction to Companies and Products Import and export companies within Oita Prefecture and export companies from overseas listed. From here you can see summaries and products of these exhibiting companies, and find out about transaction information. You can also link to each companies home page from here.
Notes for Using the Contact Form Important matters related to the contact form are explained. (When ready to use the form please be sure to check here)
Contact Form In order to receive more detailed information about companies or products you can contact exhibiting companies directly.
Visitor's Registration Form When ready to use the contact form please fill in this Visitor's Registration Form.
Changes in Registration
Information Form
In the case that the content of the Vistitor's Registration Form changes, please fill in this Changes in Registration Information Form.